These body scrubs are amazing!

Everytime we go to Downtown Disney with the fam for dinner, we always stop by The Basin to wash our hands with these Body Scrubs. They are simply perfect! They make your skin feel as soft as a baby's bottom, maybe even softer! And the Almond Scrub reminds my sister and I of an Almond macaroon that we had in NY during the summer! It's the best and we just had to buy two to try for a scrub :]


Early Adventure Time

Went on a little stroll at this grassy area this morning. I was looking for some good hotspots for a family christmas photo shoot that I'll be taking later this evening. Unfortunately the tall grass was cut and the area had a lot of broken glass. But it was definitely a nice quiet adventure! 


I'm marizette

I just had the desire to create a blog specifically to capture moments, play around with my camera more, post OOTD's, and just document my life. It's always a challenge for me to keep a diary or journal, but technology is super good to us nowa days. So I'll be documenting my media "diary" on here! Won't be too personal of course. I know no one is reading this, but this is personally for myself, but I hope I can inspire you in some way :) 

I'll hopefully be posting things up here soon. It gives me a better excuse to carry my camera around! 
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