This past year and a half I been following up on different blogs, and yes they can be addicting. 
Here are just a few that I've been following religiously: 

I'm so grateful to live at a time where technology is at it highest. I mean, we communicate through technology, we express through it, we share ideas and inspirations. We do so much with it. 

I know that at some time in my life I want to inspire people, just like how I've been inspired, through other people's blogs. I want to inspire a type of lifestyle or daily living, or inspire a type of design wether it be clothing or home decor, or a DIY project. Hopefully this year I'd find time out of my busy schedule to make time to document what I'm doing, or take pictures of what I appreciate. I know when I grow into that stage of my life, I want to inspire people to be productive, creative, and unique. 


Last week I took the day off from work to go see NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. Yes I know I know he's gay, but he is the epitome of why gay guys attract women so much. That or I'm just in love with hs character, Barney Stinson. 
My sister and I had brunch at KeKe's Breakfast. I've only eaten there once for breakfast, and it has nothing on IHOP. But their brunch menu was totally banging. I had a portobello chicken alfredo panini and it was divine. Their sweet potato fries were yummy too! 

I should have listened to my gut when my gut told me to grab my camera, but I didn't want it to be such a hassle carrying that big thing around. My gut was right. Cause iPhones can't zoom in entirely to capture Neils beautiful bone structure. Pfft. Anyway, it was a beautiful show. I still almost can't believe I was only a couple hundred feet away from him. I still picture it as if I was watching a jumbo screen and he was in it. Also hearing his voice, you can't not picture him a Barney Stinson. Especially since he suited up!

The choir did an amazing job, the lighting and stage decors beautifully matched the music, and NPH did an outstanding job in narrating the birth of Christ. It was really nice to see how many people there were. Not only for NPH, but also because of the telling of the birth of Christ. You never see that nowadays. It's either cause there is such a controversy with religions or it may be a distraction to "reality". But seeing all those people there, witnessing the story, how can you not feel the spirit of Christmas? And it also happened to be a little chilly that night too! What are the odds! 

I love this time of year! People think it's corny, or that Christmas music is whack, but it really imprints a good feeling in my heart. And everyone feels it in some type of way, I just know it.



^^this girl is fearless!^^

^^I took this picture after I punched her to the floor with one of the inflatable tubes in the bouncy house haha^^

^^this sweet sweet girl has the sweetest smile! She's pure awesome and loved us driving her around in her golf cart^^
^^holy pumpkin cake!^^

I think this is the second or third time we've been invited to our very good friends from our family ward to their home for Thanksgiving. And gosh their food is pure American Thanksgiving. This year my parents spent their week at New York, and my sister, Milo, and I were left here in good ol' Florida. It's all good though cause Milo did a good job in being our guard dog and we appreciated our family friends for taking us in for Thanksgiving! This day was really full of food, and more food, and more food.

For breakfast we had IHOP. You can never go wrong with IHOP. Especially with their pancakes, waffles, or crepes that are drenched in berry goodness.

The pictures above are from our Thanksgiving lunch at the McCarls home. Every year they rent a bouncy house, and it may be the best or worst idea ever, depending if you jump on it before or after, or even before and after you eat. For some reason I did both... Yeah terrible thing to do. But it was definitely fun, I mean how can it not be? If there is anything I want in my future is to have a huge acre of land for my dogs and children to run in, just like how they have it. They literally own a huge chunk of land to ride their 4-wheeler around, play with their dogs, football, and those good wholesome American festivities. We also got to take their golf cart out for a spin. It wasn't going more than 15 miles but we made it feel like we were going 30 by screaming and putting our arms up like it was a roller coaster.

Later on in the evening we were invited to another family friend of ours, one of my best friends, Mikka. Can't remember how many times we've spent Thanksgiving together, but my stomach and taste buds have kinda of a gravitational pull towards her moms mashed potatoes. This years mashed potatoes were different, but they were still BANGIN. Yes all caps were necessary for that statement. Too sad we didn't take enough pictures. But I did steal a picture of the glorious turkey from Mikka's instagram. 

After dinner we headed straight to the Florida Mall for Black Friday, picking up on the way two good friends of mine, Madeline and R.J. No pictures for this event either because stomach aches were getting in the way of my excitement of shopping. The mall was packed packed packed and I don't think I'll ever go back for Black Friday at midnight again. Unless we go at 3 in the morning. I did get a few Christmas gifts which is what I'm most excited for! 

Tis the season for giving and gratitude! Thinking about Thanksgiving has brought me to a realization that I haven't noticed before. I've been thankful for at least one thing everyday this year. Maybe not spot on everyday. But there hasn't been a week that I haven't been ungrateful for at least one thing. It can be the most simplest thing, like Michael Buble playing randomly on the radio or the beautiful "cold" (for FL 60 degrees is cold okay!) weather we got early this year. This year I been grateful for my parents raising my sister and I in the gospel, I'm grateful for Daniel's patience and his Christlike attribute of forgiveness, I'm grateful for the beautiful weather, for my baby boy Milo, I'm grateful for opportunities, for my prayers being answered, for my YSA branch, for revelations and promptings. I'm grateful for my job and the people I work with, I'm grateful for exceeding in my education, and for inspirational people I can call my friends. I'm grateful for the knowledge of the gospel and for being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that if you notice simple things that make you smile or make you content within your day, you become grateful for those things, you become happier, and you will be a happier person. 

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! Praise the food gods!



Cheers to the end of my first semester at UCF! The professor enjoyed teaching our class this semester, so he brought us cupcakes. But it's not just any type of cupcakes from Walmart of Publix, but a Cupcake Wars winner Sweet! By Holly cupcakes! This delish treat is her tiramisu cupcake, and it's really a guilty pleasure of mine. 

I'm so relieved that this class is over cause that's one less class to worry about. AND the best part is that I don't need to take the final cause I got an A! Holla! Almost there Marizette, almost there. 



 Today I was able to attend a sweet dinner that our YSA president and his wife planned for us as presidency of Elders Quorum and Relief Society. They showed us a video right here to settle a controversy that's been going on in our church. I received a lot of spiritual thoughts about the video, but I also gained an understanding of womanhood that doesn't have to be church related at all.

In our conversation about the video, we mentioned a few times that society really sets the game. Being a house wife in today's society shows everyone that she's a slave to her husband, that she's not capable of work, she can't make money. Being caring or respectful at work shows society that we're weak, that we need to be tougher for people to like us or respect us, that we as women need to be more aggressive. Why does it have to be that way? Why are we as women trying to be more like men? Why are we trying to abide to a mans rule in this game? We do still live in a patriarchal society, although we've come a long way as women, this whole time we've been ground set in a mans rule.

I've respected myself as a woman to know that we as women have our own way of handling things. I don't have to act masculine to get order in what I want at work or school. I just need leadership and confidence. I'm actually really grateful for womanhood because, honestly, we have and hold such a great divine nature of being a woman. The care or understanding that we have towards others in a way that is almost empathetic, experiences of motherhood, and our duties at work, school, or at home. We are hard workers! In my life I've seen more women work harder than men in a long shot and some women still insist that they're competing with men. There is no competition here. We, as human, are capable of all different aspects of greatness that is valued with our potential. I'm grateful for being a woman because I don't have to play a mans game to understand my potential. Womanhood is great and we should all (yes you too men!) understand not to degrade it, but respect it.





For liking a friends post on facebook, I guess I now must post 12 things that not everyone knows about me. This is a thing right?
  1. I absolutely hate lipstick marks left on cups or straws, even if it were my lipstick marks.
  2. In random normal situations (for example: studying in the library) I would sometimes think of ways in my head to make a total fool of myself just to see how people might react to my stupidity and see if I can get away with my weird manner (this is going on in my head of course, not irl).
  3. I want to build my own library and movie gallary in my future home.
  4. I want to be a stay-at-home mom.
  5. I don't only choose not to drink or smoke or do drugs because I'm Mormon, but also because I have a fear that I can get addicted to it. 
  6. I really enjoy going to Museums.
  7. I want to learn how to braid my hair in different ways but I just don't get how to do a simple French braid. 
  8. Honestly without my knowledge of the gospel and the plan of salvation, I'd be in a really dark place right now. 
  9. Before going out for the day, I really have to fit my outfit with my mood or I would feel uncomfortable the whole day and that's a no bueno.
  10. I'm so attached to How I Met Your Mother that I might know the exact episode title if you described the episode to me. 
  11. I want to settle in a place where there are beautiful trees with flowers, four seasons, and some streets with brick roads and bright painted front doors, and everything would be walking distance.



But according to my iPhone photos, here's what's been going on in my life:

I been noticing the blessings in my life through simple things that make me happy everyday. My best friend, Erika, left for her mission to Jacksonville, FL. My sister turned 18. Daniel sends me random letters in the mail that just makes my heart melt. My best friend Georgette began working with me at GAP. Watched Thor and realized how could I have never fallen for Loki? Work is opening up the opportunities for me to succeed. Received a box full of goodies from Daniel and my heart was content. 



^^ I don't regret spending $33 on macaroons, my tastebuds never felt more alive^^
^^ yeah we just got out of a visit with our dentist lol^^

^^these kiddos were brave^^
^^ that face doe!^^

So where do kids run away to? Coney Island ofcourse! On our last day there we decided to enjoy the ghetto and exciting perks of Coney Island haha. It's seriously the perfect place to run away to cause I guess it reminds me of that movie Uptown Girls with Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning.

Our expectations were just to ride maybe one ride and get some bit to eat at Nathans, but ofcourse we did more than just that. Now that Astroland is now called "Luna Park" (an actually really cute ring to it, but they should've kept Astroland) they added a few more thrilling rides. We first rode this one suspended roller coaster called The Soaring Eagle. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although I did not feel secure at all. 

Afterwards at first I was pressured in riding the Wonder Wheel (the cart that moves while the wheel spins), but I happily declined cause of my fear of heights and I was just scared of the  swaying cart. Poor Daniel, he wanted to go on but I dragged him down with me. But I did end up riding that thing with Daniel and was crying the whole time the cart swayed back and forth. It only swayed like 4 times, but that ferris wheel is nearly a hundred years old man! Jess and Jamie was also had the chance to ride the Cyclone too and loved it. It was a very brave day indeed. 

Afterwards we had a good bite to eat at the original Nathans! Those cheese fries were delish! After getting off on the Q to Ave. U we ran, literally ran to Mr. Softy for some ice cream. Gosh I miss running to that truck in the summer. 

After that we ate some more! My parents invited us for some Filipino food at Krystals in Queens. Filipino food is seriously the best comfort food. Especially if it's filipino BBQ. 


I remember the first day I was introduced to my Ate's husband. It was my birthday party I believe. The first thing he did was give me my present and I was already like "I like this guy" lol. Almost 10 years later and they're now married! 
There was so much love that day. And you can just read it in everyones face, that everyone really came for and celebrated the love that these two human beings shared for each other. Now that's a celebration. Everything at the wedding didn't need to be perfected because everything about it was already perfect. Celebrating a couples love and marriage is one of the most beautiful things to witness, and I'm honored to be a part of it!



^^underneath the whales belly^^

^^even though it's a blurry picture, this little family are just the cutest people ever^^
^^i'm a lucky person to know these amazing people right here^^

Plans never go according to what they're originated for. But we tend to do a good job at plan B's! This day we headed to the Museum of Natural History. This whole time, even after going here the third time (first one was with family friends, the second with Daniel for our first date) I kept calling it Museum of "National" History... That was till Joyce corrected me when they handed us our ticket in lol. And if your'e ever exploring NY and wanting to go to see a museum, they accept donations for your ticket! So we really just paid $1 haha. 

We did this outing to really celebrate Sethy's 2nd birthday. It was his first time in the museum and gosh his face just glowed the entire time! He was pointing at the displays, making the sounds they make, and just couldn't stop staring at them. We coulda skipped the entire museum (except for the fossil parts cause those were really rad) just for the Whale room. That room makes up the entire museum I must say! 

Afterwards we headed to Shake Shack, then to Jamba Juice at Columbus Circle, then for some Halal! Not just any Halal that you can find in any street stand, THE Halal guys. Yup. It was full of greasy goodness, and you can't get enough of their white sauce. I don't even know whats in that sauce, but it was good! We had like an hour to chill after we chowed down the halal cause the itis hit us bad. 

From there we walked to Times Square! And ofcourse everyone and their aunts and uncles was there. I'm sure if Manhattan didn't have Times Square, half of the cities population would be gone. The lighting did make for some pretty pictures if I don't say so myself. 

Twas a good day with good company!

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