tidbits that has helped us along the way

happy valentines day internet! i couldn't pass off the chance to not post a few things that i've noticed that have helped me and daniel's relationship over the years (fun- actually not fun, more like depressing fact: this is our 10th Valentines and I'm pretty sure we've never spent even one of them together.... *cries*). but other than that, i also asked daniel to put together what he thought helped us. it was kinda nice to see his side too. so grateful for that man.

things I thought helped us: 
1. time
oyy i am so horrible at this. but i'm trying to work at it. time is such a valuable thing. i feel so appreciated whenever daniel sacrifices whatever he was doing to always come to me. it's as if the essence of time stops for him whenever he spends his time with me and that makes me feel so valued.

2. communication 
heck to the yeah. this is super essential in any relationship. this is the very reason why we've made it this far lol. communication opens you up to being honest, even at times when it might not be the most comfortable. but it's in those times where we're given the opportunity to move on, to forgive, to grow, or to be better as an individual and for each other.

3. compliments
i am guilty for not doing this enough. but i love the random compliments daniel gives me. wether it's him complimenting me on an item of clothing that i haven't worn in forever that he loves, or when he reminds me of how much i've accomplished throughout the day! it not only boosts my confidence, but it also shows me how observant he is. and that feels good.

4. always saying "i love you" 
i don't think you can ever say enough of that. just saying those words randomly or even in moments when it's needed to be heard the most reminds me what we're fighting for, what the whole point is about, and how simple it really is.

5. food
i had to. we bond so much over a pie of pizza and most definitely over a bowl of pasta! when we weren't even living in the same state yet we'd have chipotle dates over skype and just enjoy our chipotle! it's sharing those moments of goodness with your best friend and thinking in your head that you could do this forever with this guy. now if i can only get him to love dessert.....

things HE thought helped us (in his own words, so read it coming from him): 
1. technology
because we wouldn't have been able to communicate like we did. like right now while she's halfway around the world.

2. her desire to go on a mission
so i accepted the offer of the missionaries to sit down and try to learn her beliefs and why she desired to go. and i found something way better. i found something that was missing in my life and because of that i love her more because now we share those beliefs.

3. support from friends and family 
idk there's not really much to explain when it comes to that lol.

4. showering eachother with love 
the way she showers me with her love because she helps  me realize that in times of peril, especially the past few months, she's shown me that everything is going to be okay and that we'll be okay and that everything will work out. and i appreciate her so much more because she's helped me cope with my stress.

5. going to theme parks 
that's when we get to be little kids again. we get excited for rides together, we get nervous and scared on coasters together. we have such a great time and it just strengthens my bond with her whenever we create memories like that together.

aww shucks, i think i'll keep him around.
hope you all enjoy this day of love!


my little space.

i am super duper horrible and so great for neglecting my blog, there goes one of my new years resolutions!! but here it goes. i will do better. i will! i promise? well here one goes!

^^ i love a nice sleek backdrop because most of my decor is a pop of color. also lot's of sun in my room is a necessity! it changes your mood in an instant, it's great. my white frames are from IKEA and the gold ones i found at a garage sale. garage sales are notorious for gold frames! ^^
^^ for the past few months i had nothing hanging on my door. but this trick adds so much more character to my little space! finding some colorful signature pieces from my closet and hanging them helps me remember that i had this or that! it's also easy to change it up here and there. ^^

^^ for the longest time i had this huge awkward space of a wall against my headboard. i didn't want to hammer anything more frames or even a shelf on the walls because then i'd have to buy more stuff to fill them in. so i kept it simple and i actually like it! ^^

^^ pillows are probably my weakness. i will collect all the cute pillows if i had the space and place for each of them lol ^^ 

^^ i got that girl from target and now she has a round cactus and it makes her look like she has a ballerina bun! ^^ 

^^ the picnic basket on the bottom is patiently waiting for me to use it lol. i was lucky to score that pretty thing when i stumbled upon it at our local Salvation Army for only 15 bucks!! i'll use you soon pretty thing! ^^ 

^^ the day after i came home from my mission daniel and i went on a target run to make me feel more at home by buying a few things for my room. that flamingo curtain was definitely not on my list of to-buy's but i couldn't resist the look or the price! ^^

^^ a new craze for me is the whole book stacking thing. i have too many books and no place to put them all so it's been really helpful using them as decoration! cheap and innovative! ^^

^^ one of the future projects i'd like to get my hands on someday would be to replace each handle on this dresser with random, colorful, knobs. someday! ^^ 

^^ see the whole book stacking obsession thing? 
i used to have my perfumes in my bathroom because smelly things in my bathroom where i get ready should remind me to put some on before leaving the house right? nope. i kept forgetting. thank goodness for this little table that was handed down to me by a good friend, i no longer stink lol. it's right by my door and my keys so i never forget hehe. ^^ 

i've been home for about 5 months now and feeling settled in my home is a big deal for me. on a mission you are constantly moving, literally. i moved into 5 different apartments/homes. and because i was super homesick on my mission, the first thing i'd do when i moved into a new area, i'd settle in and unpack and decorate.

 it took a little longer time to do that when i actually came home because of work/life/money/really trying to figure out where i wanted everything to go/also trusting that i'll find a nice little trinket to collect and place in the perfect spot. and it's not complete yet either because i would still like to do so much more to my little space to feel more and more at home as time goes on. doing this makes me so excited for decorating any future home(s), having my own place to call mine mine mine (also my future spouse, and daughter or son, but i'll be doing the decorating around here!)

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