twenty seventeen.

watching the first sunrise of this year was inspiring. i had a lot of goals, a lot of expectations that this year was going to be THE year. well it's definitely been a year alright. mixed in with a lot of good, there also came a lot of trials and weaknesses that i discovered about myself. its humbling to know them. 

this year:
  •  i found the courage to do hard things
  • found the courage to let go of hard things
  • accepting the fact that life can be unplanned 95% of the time
  • learned that taking breaks are necessary 
  • learning to think past myself 
  • learned to be hopeful 
im so grateful for this past year! it's been such a ride. and im so grateful for new beginnings too. that a "a New Year" actually exists! that we can start over, set new goals, take on opportunities, to be better. cheers to the new year, let's see what it has in store for all of us!


Our Christmas

me and my papa!
literally watched Elf three times that day, and twice the night before.
this house was THE house because of the snoap!
definitely car wash soap. definitely. 

not too long ago they got rid of the Osborne Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios. probably the worst decision ever. it consisted of thousands of lights. well they have a baby version of it in Celebration! still pretty cute and festive! 11 houses volunteer to hang a bunch of lights and have them light up to music. fun lil' cute family treat!


Oh Neil pt. 2

little hidden gem in Mexico!
that steak was bomb.

and there he is, suited up ofcourse!
let's just pretend this is the galaxy, cause that's pretty much what it looked like up there!

lucky to have a sister who treats us to delicious and fancy foods! we got dine like Italians that night at Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar. and man was the food tasteful. we ordered steak and parmesan chicken and just about died. the dessert was just, okay. definitely just go for the entree's. 

so this is about the third time we've seen Neil Patrick Harris at Epcot! and now it's just a nostalgic feeling, bringing back memories to the first time we've watched him (which you can find on here!) 

cool story, the second time we've seen him, after his last show, and upon us walking away from the pavilion, Neil was dressed out of his suit and into civilian clothes (basketball shorts, a tee, and hat) and just jogged  right behind us to one of cast member exits and we just about died when we realized it was him. so this time around, we weren't taking any chances. we waited by that same exit, in hopes to find him jogging to it again. but eh, no luck. guess we'll have to try again next year!! we did however get some pretty good views of the fireworks though! 


hello again.

i figured if i didn't post anything in a while, why not get the ball rolling again huh? i feel like i've been missing out on journaling my time, my daily routines, my life,  and with that i've been comparing myself with how i used to be: care-free, cheerfully excited about good things to come, blogging just to share experiences in hopes to inspire someone else. ive lost sight of the fun in recording my life. so here's another 157th take on "blogging" again. merely just to blog for myself and to record what i love in the moment. 

and i'm dragging daniel with me on it haha. i need someone to fill that "instagram husband" job title, and he's the best fit for it haha. did a quick and fun shoot by this giant turquoise wall and totally disregarded the fact that there was a "No Trespassing" sign posted. gotta do what you gotta do sometimes amirite? 

hat: coolest find at Burlington Coat Factory!! 
pants: also cool find at Burlington Coat Factory, this time featured in the clearance section (!!!)
top: old Ann Taylor 
shoes: payless 
bag: kate spade 

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