Park City, UT

if you know jacob, you know he loooooves cheese. 
if you look really closely, the soda fountain on the left is serving Pepsi products and the one on the right serves Coke products. like, what?! the first restaurant i've ever been to that offers both! 
and i wouldn't ever wanna mess with georgette. she's a tough cookie. 

Park City is such a quaint little town hidden up in the mountains. it's so charming with it little quirks. we got the chance to ride the Alpine Coaster, which I wasn't able to take photos of because as soon as we found out it was opened (it was closed due to thunder being in the area) we rushed and ran to it before they closed it down again. but that was an adventure. the Alpine Coaster is a track that is from the top of the mountain and glides you through until you make your way back to where you started. it was neat because you were speeding through the greenery. would definitely do it again. 

beyond blessed to have these people in my life. we've been close friends for years and years, and even with the distance, being on the other side of the country, it doesn't stop us from talking and acting like nonsense. 

these people are my fave. 



wakanda foeva.
yeah, i was voluntold to do this....
a bunch of 20-year-olds playing like kids again. 
this girls first time around snow, and she was going in. 
this cutie. 
this view. this hike up for this view, worth it. 
bison crossing!

sorry to bombard everyone with endless photos of our trip to Yellowstone, but there were too many pictures to choose from. really missing the clear air and the skies and mountains there too! it was beautiful! 

also, loved spending time with these people right here! i've known some of them since I was like 2! so it was nice experiencing all these cool things together. 

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