honeymoon in paris part 4: disneyland

flowers, everywhere!! my kind of disney trip.

you can roam inside princess aurora's castle (which is wayyy cooler than cinderellas in my opinon). her story is told on the stain glass windows, sculptures, and murals. all in french too! and underneath the castle is a sleeping dragon! cute little details in this park alright!

one of the hottest days in france! nothing we weren't used to lol but we thought it was hilarious as we were walking around the park to find these mist stations and a crowd of people hovered underneath them lol 

yummiest disney buffet we've been to! the food tasted so fresh

(it only takes 30 mins for main street to be clear of the crowd when the fireworks ended!! vs. disneyworld taking almost 2 hours for main street to be completely empty!) 

ofcourse, we ended our last day of our honeymoon doing something disney related! and we absolutely loved it! disneyland paris was  similar and different in some ways. the wait times was usually a 10 minute to 30 minute wait,  it was still busy but if we compared it to the crowds in disney world it would be one of the slowest days lol. space mountain was star wars themed and it was the coolest ever, and we swear rockin rollercoaster was like 20 mph faster than the one at hollywood studios. you can also do the entire park if you really wanted to too! it was so fun, and ending it with the fireworks just made the night. 

honeymoon in paris part 3

this cute little car just gets me.
our little tinyhouse airbnb!
our airbnb host talked us up into checking out a vietnamese restaurant around the corner. so glad we did cause we went back three times in a row for pho haha. no matter how hot it was in paris, we went back for some hot soup lol. it was delicious. vietnamese food in paris. only us haha, but no regrets! no regrets at all!

for our last full day in paris we watched the eiffel tower light up! and that was a dream. everyone on the lawn cheering the lights on, sitting down enjoying the sunset and the view. photos don't do justice at how beautiful the tower is during sunset. paris, again, we loved you!

honeymoon in paris part 2: a day of colored walls and row houses

we didn't get the chance to see any original paintings from van gogh, so instead we got to see them be displayed via light and projection at Atelier de Lumiere! it was beautiful! you can sit anywhere in the room as the artwork was being projected on the walls and even on the floors. 

after the museum of lights, we got to check out more color by visiting an instagram-worthy neighborhood lol. Rue Cremieux is a street of row houses colored in pretty pastel colors! it's known to be the most colorful street in paris. super super super cute!
french onion soup, in France!! yummiest everrrrr!

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