the most ideal girls brunch ever

this room is heaven. almost everything is less than $15 from greeting cards, calendars, planners, and artwork!
the freshest grapefruit and rosemary fizz drink around
becca ordered the cheddar biscuit sandwich!
i ordered the spinach mushroom quiche!
i commend the designers of this restaurant. most of the time i just want to stop by this place because of how beautiful it is inside. a fun art deco inspired style.  

anytime there's a girls day with any of my girlfriends, it's gonna be a good day. BUT, any girls day that calls for brunch and dessert at The Glass Knife, AND AND AND a sidewalk sale at Rifle Paper Co. is gonna be an extra good day!! Rifle Paper Co. is a paper/stationary  company (and more) with the cutest illustrations of pretty florals and whimsical characters. they have a sidewalk sale (when florida permits it since rain here is unpredictable on a day-to-day basis) like three times a year, where most of their inventory goes to 70% off!

my girl becca, and i, started our saturday morning off by checking out the sale. i got my new 2020 planner which was originally $36 but i snagged it at the sale for only $10!!!  i got other things like washi tape and recipe cards. then we had a yummy brunch at one of our favorite places which we discovered together last year!

i strive for mornings like this.


3 months with you

i've learned a lot in those moments of being vulnerable and anxious, from you. to think we've been dating for so long, there is no cap to our progression. we talk daily of our hopes and dreams and goals for the future or for the end of the week and in those moments we keep learning more and more about each other. if there is one word that sums up the past three months with you, its the word growth. so grateful to share things with you that results in me being better or striving for a better life now and forever.


life update

married life is so nice and convenient! the days of having to plan when or where to see each other/ hang out are over! we're living in an apartment closer to school so the commute is a little lighter on us (lighter on me atleast, I4 can be such a pain), and we're learning more about each other every single day, which keeps things interesting. now planning date nights are more of the challenge for us because we got a new pup lol
her name is Friday (we named her after Iron Man's AI!) she's a yellow labrador retriever. she keeps us on our toes when she's playful, bite-y, a super sweetheart and sleepy all the time. she's learned how to sit, high-five, lay, and speak, and we've also mastered walking down the stairs (which is crucial since we live on the third floor lol.)
chopped off 22" of hair! it's been getting caught in between our toes in the apartment and i've been needing a change in style. plus i have a really bad habit of peeling my split ends so this is another way to help me cope with my boredom/anxieties throughout the day!

i've been setting goals on making this blog more present in my life, just by updating it as we go. and i think i've finally found that groove. let's hope for more updates and cheers to the simple and everyday things that keep me (and hopefully you, too) goin'!

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