daily wear- off to sociology!

white top Forever21
jean button up DD's
polka dot jeans GAP
necklace Macy's 

Daily Wear- Tuesday

brown top DD's Discount
mint shorts Target
loafers Traffik
necklace Charlotte Russe
bag Louis Vuitton  


New Years Eve!

This New Years was actually one of my favorites! Mostly because I was surrounded by people whom I love the most! Like Christmas Eve, we played COD again. But this time I actually played, I wasn't too horrible lol. We also had fun with my camera taking some "photo booth" pictures, line dancing, eating, and of course counting down till the ball dropped and everyone kissin and huggin. Good good good night! 

Happy 20th!

He drove all the way from VA to NY again! I'm glad he drove safely. Although his birthday was the day before, we still needed to celebrate it! He turned 20! We celebrated it at Times Squares Applebee's and it was crazy packed but we didn't have to wait too long. Good food and yummy yummy dessert! To top it all off, he was way excited about his watch that I got him! Good way to end the night!

Gingerbread Houses

As clean as gingerbread houses look, they are the messiest things to put together. The icing was not strong enough to hold the pieces together so C.J. brought out the marshmallow fluff. A good reminder: Don't be in C.J's team when it comes to decorating. Our cute little house was neighbors with C.J's horror playhouse. It was creepy just watching him put it together. I'm glad the houses didn't come with gingerbread men lol 


Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve

Chinese food at it's finest.

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