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i'm marizette (zette, for short). here's a little bit of my space, sharing things that inspire me and things that may inspire you! i'm an interior designer and lover of ice cream, candid moments, flowers, travel, and sweet potato fries (and honestly this list is endless because i love a lot of things). currently my husband, puppy, and i reside in the sunshine state of FL.

"dear marizette" started out as a username for my AOL's instant messenger back in 2006. i chose "dear marizette" because it's a little letter of reminder to myself about the life, adventures, opportunities, down-falls, and triumphs that was endured and enjoyed!

a little bit about us: the hubby and i have been together since we were 13! since then we've overcome 10 years worth of a long distant relationship (thank you skype, free minutes after 9pm, and old-fashioned letters), a year and a half of not seeing/hearing each other, and finally getting married! he's forreal my best friend.

in this blog you'll find our favorite things to do at the disney parks, time well spent with friends, family, traveling, and sometime's those "ah ha" moments i get as i try figuring life out. this blog is about all the fun and simple things that i like to take advantage of in life! i hope it inspires you to do good. thanks for tagging along in the fun!

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