i'm marizette (meh-ruh-sette or mary-zette or zette, that's cool too, just not mary).
i'm a 24 year-old who still looks 16 haha.
i was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and then eventually moved to Central Florida.
i recently returned home from serving an 18-month mission for my church! it was the greatest thing ever and you can learn all about what i did/taught on here.
i have been dating my bestest bestest friend in the world since 2006! he's really great.
i find joy in almost everything and it sometimes freaks passengers in my car out when i gasp out of nowhere after seeing a bright yellow mini-cooper or a cute puppy on the road.
it doesn't take much to make this girl happy.

"dear marizette" started out as a username for my AOL's instant messenger back in 2006. specifically speaking, i chose "dear marizette" because present me wants future me to remember and reminisce on the life, and adventures, and opportunities, and down-falls, and triumphs that was endured and enjoyed!

this blog is about all the fun and simple things that i like to take advantage of in my life! i hope it inspires you to do good. thanks for tagging along in the fun!

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