summer in the city

i could live in that row house covered in vines. i don't mind. 
laughing in this just because a taxi was headed for us down this block and my sister still managed to get the photo anyways. #thatstruelove
funny thing: got this top from the girls section at target. wayyy cheaper than getting one similar to it in the womens section lol. 

found this hidden treasure in between the buildings of the Lincoln Center and Julliard! a roof top covered in grass! pure, pure bliss. 
the epitome of summer in the city for sure! 

i can get lost in the city. just exploring it. i mean, on that day we had planned what to do and where to go, but next time for sure im just gonna plan to go to one area and then just wing from there just cause you can find so many hidden corners (just like that grassy rooftop!). already having in mind a next trip back with some girlfriends during the spring time! maybe we'll catch the bloom! thank you new york city, for rejuvenating that sense of adventure in me. till next time friend!


oh brooklyn

i have some pride (okay maybe a little more than just "some") while i roam the streets of new york, saying to myself that i was born and raised in this beautiful city of charm and hustle. granted, i no longer live here, but that doesn't change the fact that i still feel rooted to it. so grateful for a place of diversity, culture, and bliss that i can always escape to. 


dear everything,

dear life currently, 
you're pretty sporadic right now and i don't know how to handle it but just by going with the flow (or atleast trying to). i hope you're okay with that.

dear hamilton soundtrack, 
i listen to you everyday because my car doesn't have bluetooth and i don't dig the radio so much. even though daniel complains about it, he'll sing along some times too, and i don't mind at all.

dear to-do list, 
how do you keep growing and growing every time i check something off the list?!?!

dear rain, 
you've been non-stop for the past week. i usually don't appreciate you, but there's something different about you today, and i'm liking it. 

i splurged on you with the pathetic excuse of it being my birthday month, and it was totally worth it. 

dear future bullet journal, 
i'm way too excited to start you and to dress you up in stickers and photos and wannabe calligraphy. i know my future posterity will thank me for it. 

dear disney annual pass, 
i'm so happy that i have you and that daniel got me you for my birthday, but cause i'm blocked out for the next 2 months, we're gonna have to take a break.... for now. i still love you though.

dear july and august calendar,
i'm so excited for you!!!!!! 

dear blog, 
i know, i know. you hate me. but i will do better to update you more often!(?)

i got inspired by my favorite blogger to make this post! i feel like it's the best way to update what's been going on in my life lately as simple as possible! 


for the love of button-ups, jean jackets, and leggings.

button up: j.crew; jean jacket: gap; scarf and bag: kate spade new york shoes: converse 

i was asked one time at work "do you dress the same way you dress at work?" and immediately my thought was "yeah kinda.... just with leggings" hahaha. i honestly love them and how comfy and effortless they are to match with!

 i firmly believe that every one should own key statement pieces in their closet such as a plain white button-up and a jean jacket. they're the kind of classic clothing that stick around for ages and never go out of style. 


happy national stripes day?

top: elle; jeans: h&m; bag, strap, necklace, & shoes: kate spade new york 
well at least according to j.crew it's not an actual holiday, yet. but why not? rocking the stripes will never ever go out of style. and thank goodness for that! had a quick fun shoot with daniel and i'm hoping i step out of the "i have no time for it" phase so i can actually get this all going again. happy weekend everyone! 

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