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last weekend, i got to celebrate my besties bachelorette getaway in savannah, georgia! gratefully, our form of transportation was by foot because I def needed to walk off all the food we ate on this trip lol. the weather was a blissful 70ish degrees, our airbnb was in the heart of downtown, and the city was alive with little well designed restaurants, roof-top bars, cute lil shops scattered all throughout, and your occasional jazzy saxophonist playing the notes of "moon river" bouncing off the buildings on your first night out. even more euphoric, celebrating our best girlfriend and her last few days as a single gal! honestly can't wait to witness her marry the love of her life. love is great. 

i briefly listed all the things we did on each days (there was so much) and most importantly, the restaurants we ate at, you're welcome :)

friday afternoon

  •  starland yard: an outdoor foodcourt with an array of international food trucks to choose from. the space had an urban flare to it as shipping containers surrounded the court. probably a nod to different kinds of foods arriving in ports through shipping containers. 
  • starland strange & bazaar: this ice cream shop is a vibe. fun photo ops here and they sell trendy jewelry, merch, artwork, stickers, etc!
  • note that the stairs in our airbnb were the steepest stairs ever (and probably most airbnbs in the area since the homes are built similar to each other). but the space had character!

friday night
  • electric moon skytop lounge: a roof top bar to a Marriott hotel. soooo fun! they had a beautiful view of the river at sunset, A SLIDE, and pretty sure the design concept they were going for was adult meets playground. such a good energy on this rooftop. 
  • dinner @ Common Restaurant: a MUST try from this menu (noting this for myself and anyone who loves a southern dish) their SHORT RIB HOT PLATE. that is all. trust me on this one.  


  • java burrito: yes, weird combination. this one kept us up at night, even created back stories as to why anyone in their right mind would mesh a coffee shop with a burrito restaurant, but somehow it just worked. if you like coffee, the girls loved it here!  
  • brunch @ the olde pink house: their fried chicken was amazing! *chefs kiss. we also had great service!
  • the paris market: super charming! i love all things paris, (mainly because that's where daniel and i went on our honeymoon, that city holds a special place in my heart) so this charming shop carried all things from perfume, to books, to glassware, to wrapping paper. there were nods to french architecture, furniture, and finishes. tons of goodies to find there.
  • dinner @ emporium kitchen & wine market at the perry lane hotel: loved the design of this space. their food was great too! all their food was locally sourced which made it more special and fresh. had a burger with truffle fries (you can never go wrong with a burger) and they treated the bride with a celebratory bombshell: a mexican hot chocolate mousse bombe, churro cookie crumble, dulce de leche. droooool.
  • peregrin rooftop bar: had such a breathtaking view of downtown. luckily we got to watch a firework show, had the fire turned on by the lounge area, and enjoyed the chilly breeze. 

sunday brunch

st. neos breasserie: stumbled upon this corner restaurant as we were looking for brunch. loved the design as they used playful pops of blues and purples/pinks. the food was yummy too! and apparently their biscuits were sold out by 7am that day, so making a note to try them one day.
leopolds ice-cream: creammmyyyyyyy! i'm a huge ice cream lover and this little 103 year-old ice cream shop did not disappoint. i had their frozen hot cocoa! this needs to be on everyones bucket-list when visiting savannah for sure. 

savannah had some charm. every time we wandered through a street corner, i wondered what kind of life these buildings/homes witnessed. the preservation of these beautiful buildings is remarkable. they very much are alive and breathe in the city of savannah. 

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