little things


lately i've been in a funk. mainly because i've been sick with a sinus infection which was probably the lingering after effects from the nasty covid i got a month ago. crazy how defeated you can feel when your body and mind isn't aligned. 

while in that depressed state of feeling like i would never be able to bounce back (btw i'm super dramatic when i'm not feeling 100% healthy/myse;f), i had this revelatory thought that if i could grab a hold of my sadness and mold it into a routine, pour it into creating art, taking the extra 8 minutes on my night-time skin routine, readjusting my goals, etc. to whatever else fills me up... i'm healing and i'm growing simultaneously. for others, it may not be as simple, (especially since everyones experiences/challenges vary) but over time doing the little things filled my cup and brought me hope. 

so here's the mantra that i will be striving for until it becomes second nature to me; doing more of whatever fills my cup.

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