39 weeks



we've treasured and welcomed each week as a milestone. we wonder everyday how much our lives are going to change when she comes. i've watched how much my body naturally did all the work to grow this babe. i've been anxious about what labor would be like for me and have been brutally honest when people ask how I'm doing, the answer has been the same; i'm terrified but let's do this lol. i've flipped flopped with the thoughts of balance when it comes to motherhood, self-love/care, being a wife, a friend, a working woman, etc. i've wondered how ready and not ready i am for this. but tbh, my heart is full knowing that i'm not at this alone. i'm reminded everyday by my sweet husband of how proud he is of me for doing this hard thing and how well i'm tackling it. i'm checked on by my family and mama friends almost weekly. i'm reminded of  times when i prayed for this very thing to happen to us and how perfectly it aligned. and most importantly, i cling to the thought that our baby is doing all this with me too. she's supporting me just as much as i'm supporting her. although a rush of thoughts, influences, recommendations, doubts, choices, etc, have flooded my mind these last few weeks, the one thing that stands is that we're gonna love this baby so much that it'll push us to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. 

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