My weekend according to Instagram


Not really weekend, more like the end of the week. But starting with: 
Thursday- Valentines Day! Parents arranged the breakfast table with all the V-Day gifts!
Friday- Surprised Gabriel with an Avengers Tent and Nerf Guns for his 6th birthday! Then went out for dinner with Jess at Downtown Disney and watched this one guy who is amazingly talented with playing his guitar. This dude is cray!!!! 
Sunday- A huge stake meeting for church! All the wards's church meetings were cancelled so we can attend this huge announcement. Our stake announced that they are eliminating spanish speaking ward and combining everyone together. Which is huge and good! We'll be able to learn of each other and from eachother and the YSA branch will have higher attendance since the Stake president announced that Bishops can no longer give callings to YSA members to their family wards. Huge huge huge! 

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