Close Minded Fashion


Recently I've been shopping and wearing the same things. Not necessarily the same item of clothing, but my fashion is very "close minded". Meaning I'm sticking to one type of look. I've forgotten how to play around with the clothes I have or the clothes I look at when I'm shopping. 

So I've come to a realization that I need to accept anything and make it work. I guess thats what Florida does to you though. In NY its so easy to dress out, mix and still match, and just play around with your clothes. In FL, you get that too, but its not as fashion forward as it is in the city. So I'm making it a challenge for me to be more stylish around this Spring season and enjoy all the cute fashion finds and accessories and to stop going for ONE look that I've seen on someone or on Pinterest and make it my own. It's funner that way right?!    

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