^^ I don't regret spending $33 on macaroons, my tastebuds never felt more alive^^
^^ yeah we just got out of a visit with our dentist lol^^

^^these kiddos were brave^^
^^ that face doe!^^

So where do kids run away to? Coney Island ofcourse! On our last day there we decided to enjoy the ghetto and exciting perks of Coney Island haha. It's seriously the perfect place to run away to cause I guess it reminds me of that movie Uptown Girls with Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning.

Our expectations were just to ride maybe one ride and get some bit to eat at Nathans, but ofcourse we did more than just that. Now that Astroland is now called "Luna Park" (an actually really cute ring to it, but they should've kept Astroland) they added a few more thrilling rides. We first rode this one suspended roller coaster called The Soaring Eagle. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although I did not feel secure at all. 

Afterwards at first I was pressured in riding the Wonder Wheel (the cart that moves while the wheel spins), but I happily declined cause of my fear of heights and I was just scared of the  swaying cart. Poor Daniel, he wanted to go on but I dragged him down with me. But I did end up riding that thing with Daniel and was crying the whole time the cart swayed back and forth. It only swayed like 4 times, but that ferris wheel is nearly a hundred years old man! Jess and Jamie was also had the chance to ride the Cyclone too and loved it. It was a very brave day indeed. 

Afterwards we had a good bite to eat at the original Nathans! Those cheese fries were delish! After getting off on the Q to Ave. U we ran, literally ran to Mr. Softy for some ice cream. Gosh I miss running to that truck in the summer. 

After that we ate some more! My parents invited us for some Filipino food at Krystals in Queens. Filipino food is seriously the best comfort food. Especially if it's filipino BBQ. 

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