Today I was able to attend a sweet dinner that our YSA president and his wife planned for us as presidency of Elders Quorum and Relief Society. They showed us a video right here to settle a controversy that's been going on in our church. I received a lot of spiritual thoughts about the video, but I also gained an understanding of womanhood that doesn't have to be church related at all.

In our conversation about the video, we mentioned a few times that society really sets the game. Being a house wife in today's society shows everyone that she's a slave to her husband, that she's not capable of work, she can't make money. Being caring or respectful at work shows society that we're weak, that we need to be tougher for people to like us or respect us, that we as women need to be more aggressive. Why does it have to be that way? Why are we as women trying to be more like men? Why are we trying to abide to a mans rule in this game? We do still live in a patriarchal society, although we've come a long way as women, this whole time we've been ground set in a mans rule.

I've respected myself as a woman to know that we as women have our own way of handling things. I don't have to act masculine to get order in what I want at work or school. I just need leadership and confidence. I'm actually really grateful for womanhood because, honestly, we have and hold such a great divine nature of being a woman. The care or understanding that we have towards others in a way that is almost empathetic, experiences of motherhood, and our duties at work, school, or at home. We are hard workers! In my life I've seen more women work harder than men in a long shot and some women still insist that they're competing with men. There is no competition here. We, as human, are capable of all different aspects of greatness that is valued with our potential. I'm grateful for being a woman because I don't have to play a mans game to understand my potential. Womanhood is great and we should all (yes you too men!) understand not to degrade it, but respect it.

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