For liking a friends post on facebook, I guess I now must post 12 things that not everyone knows about me. This is a thing right?
  1. I absolutely hate lipstick marks left on cups or straws, even if it were my lipstick marks.
  2. In random normal situations (for example: studying in the library) I would sometimes think of ways in my head to make a total fool of myself just to see how people might react to my stupidity and see if I can get away with my weird manner (this is going on in my head of course, not irl).
  3. I want to build my own library and movie gallary in my future home.
  4. I want to be a stay-at-home mom.
  5. I don't only choose not to drink or smoke or do drugs because I'm Mormon, but also because I have a fear that I can get addicted to it. 
  6. I really enjoy going to Museums.
  7. I want to learn how to braid my hair in different ways but I just don't get how to do a simple French braid. 
  8. Honestly without my knowledge of the gospel and the plan of salvation, I'd be in a really dark place right now. 
  9. Before going out for the day, I really have to fit my outfit with my mood or I would feel uncomfortable the whole day and that's a no bueno.
  10. I'm so attached to How I Met Your Mother that I might know the exact episode title if you described the episode to me. 
  11. I want to settle in a place where there are beautiful trees with flowers, four seasons, and some streets with brick roads and bright painted front doors, and everything would be walking distance.

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