^^ didn't think i'd have a selfie with a giraffe. life is complete^^ 

^^ Justus from Kenya, you got talent^^

^^ my favorite tree in this park. the ribbons represent ancestors that passed and their spirits^^

^^she's still shocked she rode that thing.^^ 

^^hands down THE best soft served ice cream around^^
^^this place is my favorite cause it reminds me of daniel<3^^

^^i forgot how much i love this ride^^

^^ this is the best part about Magic Kingdom^^

Jess's sweet brother-in-law lended us complimentary Disney park hopper tickets for a day to use for our spring break. It's never a dull day whenever going to Disney. We narrowed our park hopping tickets to only two parks, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We got a lot of stuff on our list done. Mainly the Pineapple Dole Whip and their Vanilla Soft Served Ice-cream. Other than that we were good. Theres not much else I should say about our trip to Disney cause it says it all in the pictures. It was such a fun time with my girl and I can't wait for the next time we'll have another escape like this.

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