top: Marshalls; skirt: Cititrends; necklace: F21 shoes: Guess

It's been a while since I've done one of these. But I wanted to get more done on my blog, so here's an outfit picture! Props to my sister for taking these for me, even though she was making fun of me the entire time, what evs. Thanks Joyce (you're probably gonna have to take more) thanks!

 I recently got hired to a new job. And guess where?! KATE SPADE! Never would I thought I'd have an opportunity of working there, but I'm pumped. Lately I've been steering my wardrobe more towards a Kate Spade look, which I adore. I haven't started working there yet, but I'm excited. I get to dress more girly and colorful. Ive been really laid back in my jeans and cardigan since working at GAP Outlet. I need skirts and floral shirts back in my life. So here it is! 

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