necklace and top: LOFT; shoes and skirt: Old Navy; tights: f21 bag: kate spade (small marguerite, lilac lane) 
the boyfriend does a good job in shooting me! something i'm looking forward to in the future if i do continue with this whole blogging thing. hopefully blogging would still be pretty big. that day was our grand opening for our kate spade outlet store and i thought wearing cats and collars was appropriate. i'm really in love with the company and im really loving it there! i get to dress all dressy and girly and there are not limits in stretching my aspirations in fashion. i feel so lucky and blessed to be a part of a company like kate spade. its just awesome!



^^ #disneyselfie^^
^not cool....^
^still my favorite tree^
^yeah we've become those people in disney. thanks ellen degeneres!^
^a must when going to animal kingdom. its so refreshing^
^this kid was so excited to be there^

yeah I know, I go to disney a lot. but we needed to! especially cause my boyfriend was in town for two weeks, so i mean how could we not? im grateful for my friends who work there! they're the greatest! 
i never thought disney would be the norm on a regular weekday for us. and this particular weekday was blazing hot. i swear florida was at it's hottest that day. but we got to do majority of the rides and things we wanted to get done: 
  • mt. everest
  • dinosaur ride 
  • ice cream at animal kingdom 
  • macaroons at france at epcot
  • sight seeing in japan at epcot 
  • the aquarium at epcot 
  • rockin roller coaster 
towards the end of the night we headed over to the contemporary resort where our friend Josh got the hook up for us to go on the fireworks cruise. it was really a different experience. our guide sailed us around the lakes surrounding magic kingdom, gave us tours and facts about the resorts and the abandoned island there, and parked the boat at an amazing view of cinderellas castle during the fireworks. it was beautiful. all my friends who went came with their boyfriends/girlfriends, so it was definitely romantic. cheers to the beginning of the summer! 

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