B,B,B& B


^^nailed it! after 20 minutes of trying lol^^
^^ and thats just the dessert table ;) ^^

^^ those chunky thighs though ^^
^^ some serious fire bending goin on ^^
^^ they're not posing for the camera at all, i promise. seriously, they were this dead by the end of the night ^^ 

B,B, & B= Beach, Boating, BBQ, and Bonfire! 
We started a tradition in our branch to have a summer bash in one of our counselors home. They have a huge lake in their backyard, a deck, boats, tubes, and an area for a bonfire. All it really is is a good time to just hang out and relax and have some fun. The best part of all this is the tubing ofcourse! Although holding on to dear life as you are dragged on the tube for what it seems like 60 mph, it's a pretty epic feeling knowing that you haven't yet fallen off the tube! Even after pouncing on some serious waves and being in the air for about 5 seconds, holding onto the tube as hard as you can pays off. What a great night! 

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