how my life has been these past couple of weeks. i look back at it and can't help but be completely happy with it to be honest. good and great and simple things have been going on. this summer was a little different. i usually go to new york with my family, but this year i had to stay home to save up money and all that. 

but goods things happening as of so far: i got my yellow umbrella, cause you know me being a huge How I Met Your Mother fan I just had to get one. Lacy stumbled upon a bundle of them online for super cheap so why not. 

Winter Park opened up the very first Shake Shake around town so we just had to go to it. not as amazingly delicious as the ones in New York but the shakes are still banging. Also only a few minutes away from me they opened up the really sweet taco joint called Jimmy Hulas. their zucchini fries are to die for! Especially with what they call "lava sauce". not hot or spicy at all, the exact opposite. tangy and sweet and full of deliciousness. 

working at kate spade has led me to great opportunities! there's a position available called the "shop stylist". the requirements are to make a video of why you should be the next shop stylist. i got busy making a video fro me and my friend Samaria who is also applying for it. hopefully they'll keep both of us for the position!

 daniel's visit in the beginning of summer, when returning home he met some sister missionaries back home where he lives in virginia beach and he was baptized! im extremely happy for him because he's been really happy lately. a whole different side of him just so excited about the gospel and a different side of him that is over all enjoying life. it makes me love it even more. also this past month we made 8 years! i really don't know where time has gone. when i think about it it only seems like we've been dating for like 2 or 3 years. i guess it's a good thing to feel like that right? all i know is that i don't think we could have done it if it weren't for not only genuinely loving each other but also being best friends with each other too. 

i hope y'all had a beautiful summer!

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