a visit to a boneyard.


^^ forever reppin' new york though ^^
^^ my favorite spot cause of all the pastel colors ^^ 

because i don't really live a "Vegas life" at all, i thought checking out this little spot would the be perfect thing to do! the Neon Boneyard was pretty poppin'! here they've collective over the years variousVegas signs that date all the way back to the 1930's. only 7 of them still light up, but the colors and bulbs of the signs still give them life. it was neat to listen to the tour guide and read the brochure of some of the major signs and their history. however, every single sign in that boneyard has it's own story to tell. most of them have probably been there from the very beginning witnessing celebrities, contrasting fashion era's, resorts being torn down to be built anew, and all different kinds of people visiting in on the fun. definitely coming back to this one. next time, at night to see them light up!

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