dear everything,


dear life currently, 
you're pretty sporadic right now and i don't know how to handle it but just by going with the flow (or atleast trying to). i hope you're okay with that.

dear hamilton soundtrack, 
i listen to you everyday because my car doesn't have bluetooth and i don't dig the radio so much. even though daniel complains about it, he'll sing along some times too, and i don't mind at all.

dear to-do list, 
how do you keep growing and growing every time i check something off the list?!?!

dear rain, 
you've been non-stop for the past week. i usually don't appreciate you, but there's something different about you today, and i'm liking it. 

i splurged on you with the pathetic excuse of it being my birthday month, and it was totally worth it. 

dear future bullet journal, 
i'm way too excited to start you and to dress you up in stickers and photos and wannabe calligraphy. i know my future posterity will thank me for it. 

dear disney annual pass, 
i'm so happy that i have you and that daniel got me you for my birthday, but cause i'm blocked out for the next 2 months, we're gonna have to take a break.... for now. i still love you though.

dear july and august calendar,
i'm so excited for you!!!!!! 

dear blog, 
i know, i know. you hate me. but i will do better to update you more often!(?)

i got inspired by my favorite blogger to make this post! i feel like it's the best way to update what's been going on in my life lately as simple as possible! 

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