girls night


^^ can't you tell our favorite one was the Mini Berries & Cream Entremet? i didn't get to snap an individual pic of it because we ate it that quick lol ^^
^^ the Spumoni cake! ^^

with my mom flying in and out of the state every other week, our work schedules, and my school schedule, rarely do we ever get to go out us girls for a girls night. so with the free time, we ate out, did some shopping, and ate dessert, also to celebrate a mini pre-birthday celebration between my mom and I since we're both May babies!

this place has become one of my favorite places to eat at for dessert! a couple weeks ago, my friend becca and i, checked it out for kicks after looking up dessert places at winter park. mind you, i've only been there twice, but i'm in love with it. The Glass Knife! it's located in Winter Park and it has the chicest ambiance ever. pinks and pretty lights everywhere. i'm solely convinced that i'll be having my bridal shower over there! 

i also hear that their doughnuts are to die for, but they usually run out by 3pm. so with that, i'll probably be back early next week to catch them! 

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