camera roll of atl: day two

see what i mean by inspiring? not really much for me to say here other than Atlanta has some hidden treasures. 
my sister and i checked out the Georgia Aquarium and wow, was that breathtaking. i could've been in that room for hours. i'm a little envious of the locals there, that would def. be my little sanctuary or hideout if i were to live there. and honestly, the photos don't do it justice for that massive view of the whale sharks. 
we also go to check out some street and art during sunset! 
thankyou Atlanta! you showed so much love. 

camera roll of ATL: day one

took a weekend road trip to see one of my best friends living in Atlanta! we ate soooo many goodies since she showed us around her favorite foodie spots! we were surrounded by so much design, architecture, art, and food this city had to offer. the city-girl in me for sure came out. if there is one word to describe Atl it's:  i n s p i r i n g

i was so inspired by the culture they created there. the unity in people, foods, design, artwork, houses,  everything! the different types of styles coexisting in one space, the light and excitement in people despite the cloudiness and lack of sun outside. i was really inspired. hopefully i was able to capture those little things on my camera too! 


our wedding day

in light of it being married for 6 months already (and noticing i haven't blogged about our wedding day at all), here are some special photos taken by our sweet photographer on our day!

we really had the best group of friends be in our bridal party. we love them sooo
my sister made majority of my dessert table! with the help of a sweet friend being her sous chef and another sweet friend who made our amazing cake! when the dessert table opened, the desserts were literally gone in SECONDS. not even kidding.  

i look back and am so grateful for all our friends and family who came to celebrate us and our marriage. we loved how everything turned out, but most importantly, we loved that we got almost all of our guests to dance at one point or another!

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