Off to the City


Yup, the day after we got to New York we went straight for the city. Being sick the day of and commuting to the city was terrible, but being around good friends (Jess, Tin, and C.J.) was so worth it!

It was Jessica's first time on the train, so she was excited lol. A first for many cause I've never been to Grand Central Station before, now I know why it's a must for all the tourists. The architecture was beautiful and everyone had somewhere to be, so the rush was nice.  

We ate at Fridays, no whoop really cause they have Fridays everywhere and the food was okay and super super expensive. Everything in the city is. 

Walked to Times Square! Times Square always amazes me. The lights are stunning, everyone hudled together for pictures, busy crowds, and sitting on those red steps were surprisingly peaceful to me. There was also this Hyundai ad that showed people who were standing on the red steps on their screen, so we tried squeezing in.

Good friends and a good time for sure. 

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