Winter Break 2012


I know I'm very late at this, but I couldn't blog during the vacation cause my laptop decided to crash on me. But it's all fixed now and it would be a total waste if I didn't post up these pictures! My family and I always take vacations at New York cause we're originally from there. We have our close friends there, a place to stay, and my mom travels back and forth from NY to FL for work. Because she couldn't get a day off for the holidays, we decided to go up there for Christmas and New Years. 

We road tripped it to NY with one of my best friend's, Jessica, and a family friend R.J. and his parents. First stop was Washington D.C.! It wasn't too cold, people were jogging around in shorts and tank tops. But it was definitely windy! We walked by the Washington Monument, passed tons of museums (better go back for those), caught a glimpse of the Capitol Building, and Jess tried her very first Five Guys burger. Fun fun fun! More pics to come of the vacation!

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