My weekend according to Instagram

Not really weekend, more like the end of the week. But starting with: 
Thursday- Valentines Day! Parents arranged the breakfast table with all the V-Day gifts!
Friday- Surprised Gabriel with an Avengers Tent and Nerf Guns for his 6th birthday! Then went out for dinner with Jess at Downtown Disney and watched this one guy who is amazingly talented with playing his guitar. This dude is cray!!!! 
Sunday- A huge stake meeting for church! All the wards's church meetings were cancelled so we can attend this huge announcement. Our stake announced that they are eliminating spanish speaking ward and combining everyone together. Which is huge and good! We'll be able to learn of each other and from eachother and the YSA branch will have higher attendance since the Stake president announced that Bishops can no longer give callings to YSA members to their family wards. Huge huge huge! 


sweet sweet love!

This is my Lolo and Lola (Grandpa and Grandma) in my mama's side. It was his 86th birthday a few days ago and Lola decides to give him the traditional filipino-smell-the-person's-cheek-kind-of-kiss. They are so sweet and I look up to their marriage very much. Happy 86th Lolo and many many more to come! 


photobooths are always fun

These were taken during our YSA Branch's Speed Dating event. Georgette and I set up a little photo booth for everyone to not just dance but take pictures too. Photo booths are a thing now lol. But as you can see, it was totally fun. 

The speed dating went well too, there were about more than 100 people that showed up. It was a legit speed dating too because unlike last year there was a buzzer and people had to move from person to person within a long table, ask questions and yada yada. Soo glad theres no need for me to go through that! But it was definitely nice to see everyone having a good time. 


IKEA raan saan



Love this talk

I remember balling when I heard this message from Richard G. Scott about the blessings of a temple marriage. Divorce in marriages are seen a lot nowa days and it's so heart breaking. But this message is so assuring and so sweet to know that things can and will always work out.


Me Time- 2-6-13

Cooked crispy chicken with lemon salt.
Recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/crispy-chicken-with-rosemary-lemon-salt-recipe/index.html

Made a strawberry smoothie.

Ate my food while watching a How I Met Your Mother re-run (best show ever).

Worked on my "Ideal Home" section of my Smash Book while watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

New projects in mind

I've been super swamped with school and work, school and work, so my blog has been on hold for a few days. BUT I will try my best to do these new projects that will keep my blog going:

  • "A-pic-a-day" Where I have a picture a day for the week 
  • "Me Time" Where when I'm free from school/work have pics representing what I did with my time
This should be fun.
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