Happy 21 Anniversary ma and pops!


Well yesterday was their anniversary, but work, studying for finals, and going out to eat didn't allow me to blog at all about it. It was a fun day to celebrate my parent's marriage last night. Our busy schedules gave us the opportunity to have dinner. You know some people like to go to fancy restaurants like Cheesecake Factory or even Olive Garden, but my parents would rather pick Golden Corral (a buffet) lol. I personally can't do buffets cause I stack my first plate full of food then my tummy is too full for another plate. But my parents love it cause the food is unlimited. 

The night was full of laughs. Too loud and too much that the table over us kept staring haha. And my mom as wearing a ridiculous graphic-t that said the words "You Only Live Once". I don't think she knows where that came from. It was too funny and I just had to post it on instagram right away. 

Then my dad showed us a picture of him and his co-worker playing around with my colleges' balloons that they had for an event. My parents a priceless. 

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