1. I was born in Brooklyn, NY
  2. A part of me still wants to go back, a part of me loves it in Fl!
  3. I have a bad shopping habit. I tend to buy something new every week that was on sale or a good bargain. It's bad cause it starts piling up.
  4. I own a Nikon but I'm starting to want a Canon really bad. 
  5. I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints my whole life.
  6. I'm pretty good at catching a football. So when we get to play football for whatever reason I get all giddy. 
  7. Instagram is my fave. 
  8. I get way over my head about photo apps, filters, typography, etc. that I find and don't care if it's not free. 
  9. I fell in love with a boy at the age of 13.
  10. We're still together and he still makes me laugh and smile and gives me butterflies like crazy.
  11. I get very very excited after a Marvel/DC movie or t.v. show.
  12. My puppy (4 year old dog, still puppy to me) is my boy and I love him to death.
  13. I'm a sucker for smoothies.
  14. I want to live in a place that four seasons exist rather than just the flat 80 degree weather all year round.
  15. I'm such a lazy person, and a procrastinator. BUT I'm working on it!
  16. I work at GAP Outlet and I'm loving the discounts lol
  17. <<< the day my boyfriend and I started dating> August 17, 2006<3
  18. I plan to go on a mission and am VERY excited to spread the gospel wherever the Lord takes me.
  19. Harry Potter changed my life. 
  20. I split my ends a lot and it's a terrible habit of mine. 
  21. My celeb crush consist of Henry Cavil and Andrew Garfield (I'm grateful Daniel still loves me lol)
  22. When locking my car I always press the lock button three times, then another time because I forgot or freak out if my car doors aren't locked. 
  23. I can re-watch a How I Met Your Mother episode and not get tired from it. I LOVE HIMYM.
  24. I keep saying I'll go to the gym, but I honestly haven't gone in the past month. 
  25. I like to eat my food with small utensils. 
  26. I have a phobia of frogs.
  27. I will not step on Florida grass because of frogs.
  28. I'm majoring in the field of Psychology.
  29. I used to be a huge fan of chocolate ice cream, but vanilla has my heart now. Still like chocolate ice cream though.
  30. I have a bad case of eczema on my legs.  
  31. I love to sing.
  32. I like to listen to Michael Buble, Florence and the Machines, Temper Trap, Norah Jones, Frank Sinatra, FUN, Christina Perry, etc.
  33. Disney World or Disney in general brings out the kid in me.
  34. The Walking Dead gets me so hype. 
  35. After me and Daniel's first date at The Museum of National History, I'm dying to go museum hopping the next time we're together.
  36. I'm double jointed on my arms.
  37. I have bad luck with computers/laptops or technology in general. I once spilled nail polish remover on my macbook keyboard *yikes*
  38. I like to document events in my life through photographs or recording videos.
  39. Got my drivers license at 19.
  40. If I could, I'd wear leggings all the time. 
  41. I maintain a positive outlook on things.
  42. Currently reading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Paush
  43. I've read all the Harry Potter books and plan on rereading them again
  44. My room is the color of my favorite color.
  45. My favorite color is baby blue.
  46. It's not a good idea for me to wear makeup cause I suck at putting it on and always forget its there until I rub my eyes.
  47. I'm a huge movie buff.
  48. Wish I were living in Giada's kitchen cause Italian food is the bomb diggity.
  49. During my junior year I was really sure that I wanted to become an interior designer.
  50. I love service and enjoy helping people not for my own benefit but just the mere fact of helping them.

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