Significance in Each Picture


^^ although we aren't tourists, a generic picture in front of the Tree of Life was highly needed^^

^^the ice cream stand by Animal Kingdoms Lion King will never be forgotten. Yummiest ice cream evaa!^^

^^pretty garlands aye?^^

^^These buttons weren't lyin, so we didn't lie about wanting them, theyre free too!^^

^^Us girls just about freaked out when we walked into a little part of Disney's Tangled in Magic Kingdom^^

^^the rain didn't stop us from having fun^^

^^I love this polaroid of us^^

^^no castle firework picture can top this one! Props to my hunny and Disney for some awesome firework and castle show^^ 

^^my mom looks so proud of her! Super sweet^^

^^Daniel looks proud and a little constipated as he carries Joyce lol^^

^^good thing Daniel convinced me into getting these sparkler candles, they're so pretty^^

^^we found Nemo at the laundry mat^^

^^first time in years that I've had a Spiderman popsicle, a chill memorial day I must say^^ 

^^okay, this time we were lying lol^^

^^because everyone needs a jumping picture in fron of disney^^

^^wanted a balloon, but it was 10 bucks, bummer.^^

^^these two decided to have a sleepover after watching a scary movie. Too bad I fell asleep throughout the whole thing^^

^^obsessed with The Flash, can't ya tell?^^

^^Miss holding hands in the car with bear, miss him soo much^^

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