^^I get tons of food that contains lemon in it. this had lemon so yeah... It was mouthwatering^^
^^these CREPES! let me just say... they were BANGIN. Thankyou Viva La Crepe at Union Square^^
^^I dunno what it is about crossing the streets of Manhattan, but it's always a sight to see^^
^^zayumm who's that cutie?!^^
^^it was like we were floating on top of Central Park^^

At first this was supposed to be a group thing, but things got all out of whack and it ended up just being the three of us, but that was A-okay! All that mattered to me by the end of the day was trying to make sure Jess didn't feel like she was a third-wheel and she told me she felt so comfortable and didn't feel like that at all! So yay! Cause I mean seriously, who wants to feel like a third-wheel?

This day was so much fun and relaxing! I really wanted to see what all the hype was about the Metropolitan Museum so we took the Q all the way from Ave. U, transfered to I think it was the 6, and got off at 86th in Lexington? I forget, but near Central Park! It was sure beautiful that day! The breeze in the city was perfect. Earlier that day it was mucky and cloudy, but by the time we got to the city it was all sunshine! Oh, happy day! 

First we starvingly went to Union Square for some lunch. We ate at PopPub and came out with happy stomachs! Our stomachs were even happier after it we fed it some crepes! Let me tell you guys, crepes from Viva LA Crepe are delish! I filled my crepe with nutella, strawberries, and blackberries. Although it was hard to slurp it all up, my white pants were safe from my known clumsiness when I eat.  

The museum did a really fantastic job at dividing different times in history through their interior design. We skimmed through almost all the rooms of the entire museum. Not looking at every little detail, but still got to see as much as we wanted. Our favorite rooms we'd have to say was the French Victorian section of the museum. They displayed the era as if you were really walking into a mansion of that time. It was beautifully romantic. 

I found out about the MET's roof top garden on this blogger that I follow that I absolutely adore! (I'll put her link on the bottom). We asked about it on the front desk when we bought our tickets and the lady said it was closed due to the rain that morning. But because the sun dried up all the rain on the rooftops floor, they opened it up in the afternoon! Good thing we thought about the possibility of the rooftop reopening before we were deciding to leave the museum because we would have missed out an incredible sight. 

I didn't notice how tall the museum was until we got to the roof top and could spot the tree tops of Central Park. That view was breathtaking. It was so open and thank goodness it wasn't too packed up there, we were able to squeeze in between groups of people for a few decent shots against the scenery. It's like the roof top was an exhibit on its own! 

Afterwards we had one more thing to do before hopping on the train back to Brooklyn for some Family dinner and Spa night. We grabbed a very much needed Jamba Juice. Very refreshing after a long free-spirited afternoon. Very disappointing that Florida has not yet opened a Jamba Juice except for this ghetto one that uses their famous flavors, turns them into an artificial syrup, and pours it into a slushy machine. So sad. 

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