It's become tradition for us that when we go to New York for vacation we must put time in our schedule for a "Family Dinner". We come together at someones house, cook, and bake, and eat, and watch or play music, and just spend time with our childhood friends. I think it started out when that little buddy up there ^^ who's not so little anymore came to this world!

Our good friend, Dawn, was so thoughtful and sweet enough to make a Spa night for us girls who were Bridesmaids for the wedding. We soaked our toes into one of those machines that bubbles up and relaxes your feet, did a manicure, and a pedicure. And they even coked for us! Mark made us some juicy chicken that we heard about and been dying to eat, and some yellow rice and beans! Their mom even put together some pancit for us too! Tin made a confetti pie that was so creamy and evenly sweet! And we brought some canollis! So many exclamation points I can't even handle it.  

Family dinners are always so sweet. We don't even plan a movie, or schedule some type of program of what we're gonna do during our get together. We just go with the flow and we all have a good time. 

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