^^underneath the whales belly^^

^^even though it's a blurry picture, this little family are just the cutest people ever^^
^^i'm a lucky person to know these amazing people right here^^

Plans never go according to what they're originated for. But we tend to do a good job at plan B's! This day we headed to the Museum of Natural History. This whole time, even after going here the third time (first one was with family friends, the second with Daniel for our first date) I kept calling it Museum of "National" History... That was till Joyce corrected me when they handed us our ticket in lol. And if your'e ever exploring NY and wanting to go to see a museum, they accept donations for your ticket! So we really just paid $1 haha. 

We did this outing to really celebrate Sethy's 2nd birthday. It was his first time in the museum and gosh his face just glowed the entire time! He was pointing at the displays, making the sounds they make, and just couldn't stop staring at them. We coulda skipped the entire museum (except for the fossil parts cause those were really rad) just for the Whale room. That room makes up the entire museum I must say! 

Afterwards we headed to Shake Shack, then to Jamba Juice at Columbus Circle, then for some Halal! Not just any Halal that you can find in any street stand, THE Halal guys. Yup. It was full of greasy goodness, and you can't get enough of their white sauce. I don't even know whats in that sauce, but it was good! We had like an hour to chill after we chowed down the halal cause the itis hit us bad. 

From there we walked to Times Square! And ofcourse everyone and their aunts and uncles was there. I'm sure if Manhattan didn't have Times Square, half of the cities population would be gone. The lighting did make for some pretty pictures if I don't say so myself. 

Twas a good day with good company!

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