I don't know what it is about my boyfriends house in Virginia but it's the most comfortable house to stay at in the entire world. The beds in his house is like floating in a cloud, the AC is perfectly chilly, and the entire house is squeaky clean! His parents were also so welcoming and it was nice of them to have us stay there and take us crabbing. 

So whats crabbing? You basically take a few feet of string, tie it in a piece of chicken, and throw it into the water and hope that crabs would take a bite of the bait. Unfortunately my patience was in the range of a teaspoon, I didn't catch any. But my dad did catch like 8, Daniels mom and dad caught like 7, and Daniel caught 1! We also went a little early for crabs to come out, but it was still so much fun and relaxing.    

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