^^ yup, barely any left overs here^^
^^probably one of my favorite pictures of us during this trip! full bellies and happy smiles^^
^^dunno what we're laughing about here but candids are always good^^
^^ this thing stole my sister's quarters lol^^

Here's our first outting when we got to NY! After years of Summers in NY, this summer had probably the best weather. It was sweater weather, breezy afternoons, and chilly nights. This night we headed out to Shake Shack (it's become a thing for us to do when going to NY because let's be honest, their burgers are the bomb). We knew Shake Shack in the city would be way too crowded so we went to the one in Downtown Brooklyn, right outside Borough Hall. Perfectly secluded not as much of a rush, sense of tightness, or a fire hazard.

After having their burgers, we headed towards Brooklyn Heights, which let me just say now that IS my future home right there. The brick roads are so romantic, the apartment complexes are perfect with its cute flower pots hanging outside the windows, and the quietness and urban vibe is perfect.
I mentioned to Daniel that "this is the place for me" and he goes "yup, just wait till I'm a doctor" lol 

And just down the road from the neighborhood is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade which is so blissful and breathtaking. It might just be my favorite spot in the city. The skyline is beautiful and it's peaceful and not as loud as it would be if you were watching the skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge or something. Its not only that the buildings or lights were so beautiful but the sunset that night against Manhattan was breathtaking. Thank you Manhattan, for convincing me to want to move back to New York City. 

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