Last week I took the day off from work to go see NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. Yes I know I know he's gay, but he is the epitome of why gay guys attract women so much. That or I'm just in love with hs character, Barney Stinson. 
My sister and I had brunch at KeKe's Breakfast. I've only eaten there once for breakfast, and it has nothing on IHOP. But their brunch menu was totally banging. I had a portobello chicken alfredo panini and it was divine. Their sweet potato fries were yummy too! 

I should have listened to my gut when my gut told me to grab my camera, but I didn't want it to be such a hassle carrying that big thing around. My gut was right. Cause iPhones can't zoom in entirely to capture Neils beautiful bone structure. Pfft. Anyway, it was a beautiful show. I still almost can't believe I was only a couple hundred feet away from him. I still picture it as if I was watching a jumbo screen and he was in it. Also hearing his voice, you can't not picture him a Barney Stinson. Especially since he suited up!

The choir did an amazing job, the lighting and stage decors beautifully matched the music, and NPH did an outstanding job in narrating the birth of Christ. It was really nice to see how many people there were. Not only for NPH, but also because of the telling of the birth of Christ. You never see that nowadays. It's either cause there is such a controversy with religions or it may be a distraction to "reality". But seeing all those people there, witnessing the story, how can you not feel the spirit of Christmas? And it also happened to be a little chilly that night too! What are the odds! 

I love this time of year! People think it's corny, or that Christmas music is whack, but it really imprints a good feeling in my heart. And everyone feels it in some type of way, I just know it.

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