This past year and a half I been following up on different blogs, and yes they can be addicting. 
Here are just a few that I've been following religiously: 

I'm so grateful to live at a time where technology is at it highest. I mean, we communicate through technology, we express through it, we share ideas and inspirations. We do so much with it. 

I know that at some time in my life I want to inspire people, just like how I've been inspired, through other people's blogs. I want to inspire a type of lifestyle or daily living, or inspire a type of design wether it be clothing or home decor, or a DIY project. Hopefully this year I'd find time out of my busy schedule to make time to document what I'm doing, or take pictures of what I appreciate. I know when I grow into that stage of my life, I want to inspire people to be productive, creative, and unique. 

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