We always try to do our group photos together, placing it on timer and trying to sit tight till it takes the picture. Honestly it's not that hard, but Milo, our four year old Jack Russell mix makes it the most complicated thing in the world. 
My family hosted a Christmas Eve party this year and I was able to make it to the most of the party after coming from work. Ofcourse, retail would be opened everyday of the year EXCEPT Christmas Day and New Years Day (thankyou corporate America).
Christmas Eve of 2013 for me was spoiled by retail and the high demand for it, shucks. But this holiday season I did feel comfort and joy from what the season is all about. I was happy to have the opportunity to be in our YSA choir and sing a number for the Sunday before Christmas. We sung a song written by Carroll Roberson called "And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful", which is based off of a scripture I believe. When watching Neil Patrick Harris narrate for the Candlelight Professional at Epcot, he recited that very scripture which I caught from learning the song. I mean yeah we were there for NPH, but it made me incredibly joyful to see all those people in the audience, including myself, watch and listen to the story of Christ. Some of them probably aren't Christian, some are maybe Jewish, or celebrate Kwanza, or don't even believe in a Christ at all. But seeing everyone there, everyone listening and hopefully feeling that spirit or "Christmas Spirit", it just showed me what this time of year is really about. 

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