Usually I don't get too hype about opening presents in the morning cause the presents aren't going anywhere. But only because I bought matching PJ's for my sister and I, I really couldn't wait to open presents. And to make it even more anticipating, that week when NPH was in town, he hosted the DisneyWorld Christmas Day Parade. All the more happiness! 
Our family ward missionaries came by for a Christmas breakfast and shared a sweet message with us. These dudes are seriously the coolest guys in town. I can't imagine how excited they were that day to get to contact their family members over the phone or via skype, but I could just tell they were. 
It was fun opening the gifts cause I been good with not opening them before Christmas Day. 
The best part was probably giving Milo his gift! He opened it all on his own and knew what it was from the start. That bone is going nowhere. 
Later that night we went over to my sisters boyfriends family's casa and ate good food, held and kissed adorable babies, and ate more good food. Afterwards we went over to another family friends home for a traditional Filipino party. 
Traditional Filipino parties consists of food, and more food, line dancing, and karaoke. We also celebrated the 26th birthday of our good friend, Guillermo. 
I just look at that group picture in the Lasala home and can't be anymore grateful to have these people be a part of my life. These people are awesome. Awesome people, awesome company, awesome food, can't get any better than that.

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