I grew up watching Rocket Power in Nickelodeon and playing Tony Hawk Pro Snowboarder on the PS2 and all my expectations of snowboarding was shattered when I actually got on the board. We had an hour to kill till our snowboarding lesson, so my sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and I decided to practice on our boards before the lesson. Yeah, we thought by the end of our night we'd be boarding down that nice mountain. NOPE. See that little hump of snow on the right of the view? That's the hump we went down- actually that shouldn't even be the proper term because it's not like any of us successfully or even attempted to fully glide down the hill, but we tried to stay up on our boards as we tumbled down. 

And let me tell you, I do not suggest being a first time snowboarder without a lesson from an instructor. I'm surprised I wasn't sick from the temperature change of my body heat and the cold weather outside cause I can't remember the last time I've sweated that much. Strapping yourself on the board, getting up without sliding down the hill, sliding down the hill, I mean I just wasn't ready to go down. But eventually we had to to get to our lesson. Within that hour I made it up and down half of the hill only twice. 

Lessons with the instructor was comforting. I learned tons and burning all that energy was a mistake. I probably would do it again, in the far future. Maybe try skiing first. 

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