^^look at him modeling my bag, stud-muffin^^

Something always brings us back to that shack. Maybe cause it's the closest Shake Shack to us? Or we always bring someone new to check out the burger joint? But I kinda like it. This is the second time we've done this: get some burgers, then walk down to see the skyline. Last time around the boardwalk was packed. But considering it was probably 20 or 18 degree weather, losing the sense of touch on my thighs, and possibly an instant case of frost bite on my fingers was no no no bueno. Everyone and the entire city of New York were inside their apartments or houses, snuggled by their radiators.

New York City never seems to disappoint me though. I was falling even more in love with the rustic bricked pavement, tall garage apartments in Brooklyn Heights, and even the sad, used, rolled up Christmas tree placed outside by the garbage.

I know my heart is in that city.

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