I adore my latest purchases not only because they're all so stinkin cute, but because they were all under 3 bucks! At Target and Michael's, they have little dollar corners. For Target it's called "Spot the One" (i think) and for Michaels it's called "Dollar Deals". These corners are the epitome of impulse buys. But who cares! They're cute and useful and cheap and cute. I'm so glad for these cheap cute things. Thank you for whoever invented little dollar isles/corners, they're the bomb! They make me happy. 

"Just a Few Thoughts" journal- $3 Michaels 
Yellow frame- $2 Michaels 
White embossed pot (my ring/watch holder)- $1.50 Michaels 
Mailbox- $1 Target 
Gold wrap-around journal- $1 Target 

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