There have been this specific random thing unexpectedly coming back into my life, things that I thought was handled. Throughout this week I wasn't sure on how to approach this to make myself feel better. Should I let my anger out? Should I hurt and destroy this person because not only were this person's words hurtful but were also diminishing and degrading to my friends but also to herself? Should I just ignore it and leave it behind? Well as I was cleaning my room, admitting to the internet and whoever really reads my blog that I was singing and dancing, yeah dancing, to Glee's Season 3 Soundtrack (what a nerd), I just had to type my little rant cause I realized that I am so pleased with my life right now and I'm content.

I feel free. I've felt free. I don't feel like I need to be pulled down with this minor issue because the past years I've been free. And I realized that living this way, forgiving others, and simply living life with nothing holding you down is such an amazing comfort because I don't have the need to have negative thoughts and judgements cloud my mind. I don't need it or want it.

i'm good.

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