Oh New York, you're doing it again. Why are you so beautiful? I don't care if it's cloudy, or quiet, or dirty. There are different parts where you just have to stop and admire the uniqueness of good old New York. 

New Years Day we celebrated it at the city. We were tourists, only because Joshua's never been to NY, so we stopped by the main attractions. Times Square. Oh Times Square. I adore you sometimes, but other times your fake Elmos and Spidermans creep the heck out of me. I couldn't help but fall in love with the Dalmatians that were for show and tell at Times Square. My reaction (high pitched baby/mommy voice) towards them had the guy pull me into getting a picture with them, which was totally fine with me cause I got close to them lol I anted them babies. I'm always telling Daniel after seeing a beautiful dog, "Can we have that type of dog?" or "Okay, I want Milo and a Golden Retriever so he has a friend, and maybe a Great Dane too". We probably have 20 future dogs together at this point. We ate at Dallas BBQ's, again another thing we always do. 

And then walked to Bryant Park mainly for the scrumptious popcorn that I haven't had in almost 3 years. Kaps (a nickname we give eachother, her name is Kristine however) and I swear we kept smelling it randomly. As we got there, they had just pulled the zamboni to clean the ice, so it was perfect picture moment. Also Daniel and I shared a cute little slow dance to Michael Buble's "All  I Want For Christmas" and I was just like "YESSS!" on the inside. Like shug avery on vine. YES. I'm so glad to share these little things with Daniel, considering we barely see eachother. Especially how after all this time, these little moments still feel like greater than the world to me.

We never found our popcorn... 

We then walked over to Grand Central Station. And my gosh, that building is all kinds of galore. I've been there once or twice before, but it still feels like new. It's beautiful. And that's that. 

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