According to googles definition of the word Bliss it means perfect happiness; great joy. It might just be my favorite word now. But that is what I felt while on the grounds of that temple. I don't know why I didn't capture a full shot of the temple itself, but these ones are my fave. This temple is the Orlando, Fl LDS Temple. I think one of the beauties of the temple was not only being on the grounds of it, but as you drive up Apopka Vineland road, behind a busy intersection, with it's crazy ongoing traffic, grocery stores and shopping plazas, there stands the temple on that hill, in it's perfect white reflection, and angel Moroni at the very top. And all of a sudden that business goes away. There's something special about this place. Like a heaven on earth.  



^^ didn't think i'd have a selfie with a giraffe. life is complete^^ 

^^ Justus from Kenya, you got talent^^

^^ my favorite tree in this park. the ribbons represent ancestors that passed and their spirits^^

^^she's still shocked she rode that thing.^^ 

^^hands down THE best soft served ice cream around^^
^^this place is my favorite cause it reminds me of daniel<3^^

^^i forgot how much i love this ride^^

^^ this is the best part about Magic Kingdom^^

Jess's sweet brother-in-law lended us complimentary Disney park hopper tickets for a day to use for our spring break. It's never a dull day whenever going to Disney. We narrowed our park hopping tickets to only two parks, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We got a lot of stuff on our list done. Mainly the Pineapple Dole Whip and their Vanilla Soft Served Ice-cream. Other than that we were good. Theres not much else I should say about our trip to Disney cause it says it all in the pictures. It was such a fun time with my girl and I can't wait for the next time we'll have another escape like this.



For Valentines Day this year I bought Daniel 15 Rice Krispy Treats, an Olive Garden Gift card, AE jeans, a lego Superman keychain/flashlight, and a Flash lanyard. But I always try to make him something too. All that stuff is just a lil extra. Making something is always much more sentimental, and it's fun for me to get creative. I always tend to save things. Receipts, tickets, stuff that might have meaning to a specific memory. I made him a little scrap book of memories that I cherished throughout our relationship. It's so cool to see where we've gone and how much fun we've had throughout the years. He's been such a trooper handling someone like me. I loved our adventures, and I'm so ready for more!

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