^^ i keep dreaming of this drink
, since then I've been needing substitutes lol We named this one after Marshalls Minnesota Tidal Wave^^
^^ and no there is no alcohol in the drinks, we just like to drink in wine glasses to be fancy lol and YES that is a life size cardboard cut out Neil Patrick Harris. Ain't he a beaut? ^^
^^ the legendary ducky tie ^^

We definitely needed an Intervention after that finale cause that was THE worst, THE WORST ending to a series ever. Especially to a series that was most anticipated to reveal the ending of. How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show and they basically ignored the past 9 seasons full of character development. So spoiler alert: for the past 9 years us fans have been waiting for the scene of how Ted meets the mother. And when it came it was perfectly directed. And then just 5 minutes later we find her in her death bed. WHY?!?!?! And to make things even worse, the next scene is of Ted and the mothers children on the couch. His daughter, Penny, realizes that the reason for Ted to tell his children of the story of how he met their mother was NOT to tell the story of how he met their mother but was to subliminally ask his children if he can date their Aunt Robin. WHAT THE FLIP?! So you're telling me that for the past 9 years we've been watching a lie. It just sucked and no one knew how to react to it when it ended. But theres an article out there that states that in the series DVD pack, an alternate ending will be shown! So i'm hoping hoping hoping this is true. 

But anyways, cheers to our HIMYM farewell party though! We all love the series and there was no better way to celebrate its ending than to throw a HIMYM themed party. And those drinks, thoseeee drinkssss though. 

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