I think it amazes me on how just through one song can cause me to feel so many things,
 feelings, memories. I'm so moved by Sam Smith's song "Lay Me Down". My best friend
knows me so well to share this song with me and knew that I would fall in love with it. So
I'm listening to it, and gosh, all that keeps running through my mind is when I last seen you
in the snow in Brooklyn when you drove away. And also just about everything that we've
gone through together to get to where we are now, specifically the crazy type of love that
consisted of no sleep and singing to 80's classics to each other on skype and talking about
little important details that happened throughout the day on the phone.

You have such an affect on me you have no clue.

So I probably have replayed this song 3679356 times already because well Daniel
Bryan Gonzales, 700 miles away from you is a girl who misses you like how Marty
McFly missed his "present" parents, or exactly how Jane Foster searched for
constellations in order to find Thor, or when Marshall still loved and missed Lily when
 she left him for that art school in San Francisco. Yeah whatever, I'm a geek. I guess
what I'm trying to put out there is that you are missed, alot. But even though you're not
 here, or we don't get to really see each other throughout the day on skype and especially
 in person, or sometimes even talk to each other, you're here and you're there. Exactly like
that quote that I shared with you from General Conference that I absolutely loved. I'll find
you in anything and it'll bring a sweet memory in my mind or sometimes I'll make up a
memory and it gives me hope. Or I'll get random text messages from you and it'll keep me
at ease throughout my day. Or I'll stumble upon a picture of us on my phone and wonder
when we'll take that picture again. So, thank you for having such a huge affect on me
to find you in everything and anything that I do. It makes it just a tad easier to go about
my day and the days till I see you again. Thank you for always being here and there for me.

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